Summer is in full swing!

  • WOODY YARD WASTE – Out cleaning up your yard? Pick some kraft bags up at the Borough office or by the gate near the Pubic Works building on W Colebrook Street.

  • STORM WATER INLETS –  As the spring rains come, we all need to work together to get the storm water inlets cleared so the water can drain off the streets.  Remember when mowing, not to blow or sweep grass clippings into the gutter.

  • SUMP PUMPS –  Please remember that the Borough requires that all sump pumps go through grass or yard before before getting into our storm water system. Also, no pump systems are permitted to be pumped directly into the sanitary (public sewer) system. If your system is connected to the sewer, it must be disconnected immediately. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact the Authority and their staff will be able to help you figure that out. The extra water in the system puts a strain on the sewer treatment plant and can result in problems for the Authority and increased cost for you.


As you are daydreaming of hot summer afternoons sitting by the pool with your neighbors, take a break, come inside, drink a hot chocolate to warm up and go to the  LITITZ REC WEBSITE to get  your pass TODAY! And remember a family membership now includes all people living as a family in one household. So this summer you can sign all the kids up!  :)

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