Fall 2015 Newsletter

Listed below are the Saturday Leaf Pick Ups.

December 5th                        December 12th –  ***

***NOTE:  Please be sure to have your bags out by the end of the day Friday Dec 11th.  Pickup will be overnight to allow for everything to be completed before the Santa Run on Saturday the 12th.

VETERAN’S MEMORIALPlans are underway for a veteran’s memorial at Memorial Park.  Please check back for updates.  In the meantime, take a look at what has been prepared so far! MEMORIAL PLAZA SKETCH (enlarged)  MEMORIAL PLAZA SKETCH

Please visit the Current Projects tab on the left for information about other projects that are underway or being planned.

SUMP PUMPS –  Please remember that the Borough requires that all sump pumps go through grass or yard before getting into our storm water system. Also, no sump pump systems are permitted to be pumped directly into the sanitary (public sewer) system or directly onto a street or alley. If your system is connected to the sewer, it must be disconnected immediately. If you are not sure, please feel free to contact the Authority and their staff will be able to help you figure that out. The extra water in the system puts a strain on the sewer treatment plant and can result in problems for the Authority and increased cost for you.

New Feature!! – The Susquehanna River Basin Commission has installed live stream cams at the Chiques Creek in the Borough.

STORM WATER INLETS –  The leaves are falling fast!  As the leaves begin to fall, we all need to work together to get the storm water inlets cleared so the water can drain off the streets.  So please keep an eye on any inlets near your house and keep them clear if you can – if not, ask your neighbors to help or call into the Borough office if the job looks too big for you to handle.

And remember when raking leaves, please don’t pile or blow them into the street.  Mowing them with a mulching lawn mower works best, but if that is not an option for you, please bag them in the Kraft bags that are available for free at the Borough Office or at the gate near the Public Works building on W. Colebrook Street.

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