Current Projects

2018 Projects

South Charlotte Street repaving project. This project is now complete!

North Main Street (PA 72) Stormwater Improvements – The Borough was awarded a $200,000 Community Development Block Grant to install storm sewers from Danner Alley to Gramby Street.  This project will help reduce the amount of stormwater on Main Street and the resulting splash onto adjacent sidewalks and buildings.  This project is now complete! 

Click on video below to see the problem that will be addressed by this project!

Click Here for ABC27 News Clip on the Main Street Storm Sewer Project!

Main Street and West High Street Paving Project: This work will be performed by PennDOT, and will include milling and repaving along with ADA ramp upgrades.  UGI will also be replacing gas mains prior to the paving project.  Click the following link for more details 042518 – PennDOT to Repair Pave Route 72 through Manheim and Rapho Twp. 

The latest information we have received from PennDOT indicate that base repair work will commence the first full week of August, and the final overlay paving will begin the last week of August.  This schedule is approximate and subject to change due to weather and other factors.  We will update this information as it is made available to us by PennDOT.

South Hazel Street – This project, extending from High Street to Stiegel Street, will utilize the full-depth reclamation process which will essentially reconstruct the entire street.  

NOTE: Due to a number of factors, including UGI’s plans for replacing a gas main in the Spring of 2019, the S Hazel Street project is being postponed until the Summer of 2019.

Traffic Signal Battery Backup Project – The Borough was awarded a Green Light-Go grant from PennDOT for the installation of battery backup power supply for all traffic signals in the Borough.  Bids were received and the contract was awarded to CM High.  This work is anticipated to be completed by the end of August. 

Memorial Park Veterans’ Memorial – Plans are underway for a veteran’s memorial at Memorial Park.  This project is being undertaken by a group of volunteer veterans. MEMORIAL PLAZA SKETCH (enlarged)  MEMORIAL PLAZA SKETCH (note these plans are current under revision and being finalized…more information will follow)

Completed projects:

The purpose of the 2017 street projects was primarily that of preventive maintenance in order to extend the life of the affected streets and to allow the Borough to utilize our limited funds in a more efficient manner.  Similar to what many people do with residential driveways and parking lots, the seal coat helps to prevent water from seeping into and below the surface.  This water, along with the freeze/thaw cycles, are the primary cause of pot holes and more significant street damage, which results in the need for more extensive (and expensive) repairs.

Wolf Street Parking Lot – New lighting has been installed, enhancing night-time visibility and safety, and the surface has been re-sealed.  The Cardboard Dumpsters have been permanently relocated to the parking lot at Logan Park off of Ferdinand Street.

Police/EMS Building Project: Construction is complete.  The police are now operating out of the new building.  Emergency Services Campus

Chiques Creek Sediment Removal (72 @ Fruitville Pike) – Work has been completed for the removal of sediment from the Chiques Creek.  This will greatly enhance capacity and flow through this area. Chiques Creek sediment removal plans

Adele Ave Stormwater improvements:  The project is now complete. 2015-10-01 – Adele Avenue plans (BID SET)

Stiegel & Penn Street: Resurfacing/Stormwater Project: This project is now complete.   2014-07-14 – West Stiegel and Penn Street Improvements (BID SET)

Logan Park Restoration Project: This project has been completed. LoganPark_NFWF_Maps


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