Manheim Borough Council approved a 3 year contract with Lebanon Farms Disposal for Trash and Recycling. 

  • Trash and recycling is normally scheduled for pickup every Thursday.  For weeks which include a holiday (see below for holidays), the pickup day will be Friday.  Special recycling pickup dates are noted in the above link.  Changes due to weather or other circumstances, will be posted on the front page of our website.
  • Each stop is allowed 3 containers of refuse a week and unlimited recycling.
  • Recyclable materials consisting of Aluminum, Clear Glass, Colored Glass, Steel Cans, Paper, Cardboard (other than corrugated) and Plastic shall be collected as Single Stream on the same day as refuse.  The Recycling must be placed in a Recycling Bin or appropriately labeled container.  DO NOT USE A PLASTIC BAG for your recycling.
  • Cardboard Dumpsters: Corrugated cardboard dumpsters are located in the parking lot at Logan Park off of West Ferdinand Street.  All other paperboard such as cereal boxes, paper towel/toilet paper tubes etc… can be placed in  your recycling bin.
  • Holidays: New Years Day,  Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas will impact trash pickup.  Trash scheduled to be picked the week of any of these holidays will be picked up a day later.
  • Recycling Bins: Recycling Bins are available at the Borough Office for $6.00.  However, you can now use your own plastic container up to 32 gallons for recycling.  Stop by the Borough Office today and pick up 2 Free large Recycling Decals to put on each side of your container so our Recycling Drivers can easily spot your recycling container.  Contact the Borough Office with any questions.
  • Magazine Dumpster: There is a dumpster at Logan Park at the parking lot off of West Ferdinand Street for the recycling of magazines.  All the money from this dumpster is used for the Ronald McDonald Houses in Hershey.
  • Batteries: Orange recycling bags for batteries are available at the Borough office.
  • Large Appliance Pick-up: A large appliance, or white good, is an appliance with a motor, engine, or compressor. For disposal of your appliance please be sure to purchase a $15.00 Large Appliance Tag from the Borough Office.
  • Tire Pick-up: Tires will also be picked up curb side on the day of large appliance pick-up. Each tire must display a $3.00 tire tag, also available for purchase at the Borough Office.
  • Woody Yard Waste Pick-up:   All Tags are still purchased at the Borough Office.
Green Woody Yard Waste $1.50
Yellow Extra Bag $2.00
Over-sized Item $5.00
Appliance $15.00
Recycling Bin $6.00

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Reminder: Trash and recycling is not to be placed curbside before 6:00 PM the evening before your pick-up day.  If your trash or recycling is missed, please contact the Borough Office immediately at 665-2461

Acceptable Recycling Items

Unacceptable Recycling Items


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