Borough Council Minutes 02-25-2014


February 25, 2014

As Amended at the March 11, 2014 Council Meeting



Roll Call: Vice- President Chris Simon, Pro-Tempore Brad Roth, Rebekah Bowers, Bryan Howett, Bonnie Martin and Mayor Scott Funk


Staff:  Mark Stivers, Borough Manager, Sandra Mitchell, Recording Secretary and Police Chief Joseph Stauffer


Visitor Comments:

  • Mr. Marc Phillips from Manheim Borough Authority came to invite council members to join the Authority board. He thinks it’s a benefit for both parties and would like someone as soon as possible. A resident or property owner can be appointed by Council.
  • Mr. Bill Ulrich at 303 W High St told council he has concerns about Saylor Alley. The alley was not plowed which caused an accident and the police were called. He would like to see this alley repaired this spring.
  • Mr. David Reist at 60 N Main St asked what the borough is doing about abandoned building and the sidewalks not getting done. Council replied that they are currently working on a plan with the Codes officer.
  • Mrs. Belinda Graybill complained to council about plowing and why certain roads are snow emergencies. There was much discussion about snow removal and Mr. Roth requested that they discuss it in detail at their next Public works committee meeting that is open to the public on March 11.
  • Mr. Harry Urban from the Manheim Little League wanted to know the status on repairs at Hollinger Field and who is responsible to pay the PP&L bill out at the field.


Mayor and Police Chief Report:

  • Chief Stauffer distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.
  • Chief Stauffer reviewed the new mobile apps program. Manheim Borough is the first in the County and fourth in the state. The police are trying to be proactive on getting information out.
  • Visitor Mr. David Reist asked the Chief his opinion on the day time break in’s that are happening in Penn Township. The Chief believes that heroin is an up and coming problem for many communities and plays a large part in crime.


Borough Manager Report:

  • Jamie Schlesinger from PFM Group presented to council a plan to refinance and borrow new money for capital projects. Council agreed for Jamie to get quotes from banks for borrowing new money.
  • Mr. Stivers reviewed his report with Council.


Action Items:

  • Approval of the February 11, 2014 Minutes:
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the Minutes of the February 11, 2014 Borough Council Meeting.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.
  •  The Voucher List for February 25, 2014 in the amount of $104,617.44 was presented for approval.
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the voucher list in the amount of $104,617.44.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.
  • The Police Fund needs ratified for three expenses for the K-9 in the amount of $755.74.
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the K-9 expenses in the amount of $755.74. The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.




Committee Reports:

  • Parks/Pool Committee met to discuss facility use, field fees and pool rates.
  • Mr. Howett recommends that the muti use fields prep fee schedule will remain the same and fee for use of fields.
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Howett to approve the lease agreement fee schedule to remain the same. The Motion was seconded Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.
  • The committee discussed Daily pool rates and how to structure them to bring in business. They are trying to come up with creative ways and partnerships to bring revenue to the pool.




  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to adjourn at 8:13 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.



Respectfully Submitted,




Sandra Mitchell

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