Borough Council Minutes 02-26-2013



February 26, 2013


Roll Call: President Bonnie Martin, Vice President Chris Simon, Pro-Tempore Philip Enterline, David Fenicle, John Eshelman, Rebekah Bowers and Mayor Eric Phillips


Staff:   Stephen Gabriel, Interim Borough Manager, Linda Gerhart, Recording Secretary and Police Chief Joseph Stauffer


President Martin gave a brief explanation of the new format for the workshop sessions that will be held at the second council meeting of each month and for the meeting tonight.


Approval of the February 12, 2013 Minutes:

  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to approve the Minutes of the February 12, 2013 Borough Council Meeting.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.


Financial Reports:

  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to approve the voucher list in the amount of $76,871.15.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Enterline and passed unanimously.


Visitor Comments:

  • Magisterial District Judge Scott Albert was present to introduce himself and explain the current redistricting of the Magisterial District Offices in the County since the current office at 40 Doe Run Road will be closing effective May 1st.  The new office for Manheim Borough will be located at 424 South Engle Street in Mount Joy Borough.
  • Mr. David Althouse was present to comment on the swale at the edge of his property that was discussed at the previous meeting.  He voiced his concerns as to the necessity of this reconstruction since he feels the swale operates correctly and does not need to be upgraded.  He also did not feel he should have to contribute financially to this upgrade.  It was noted that the discharge pipe seems to be performing adequately.   Mr. Gabriel gave a brief history of the project.


Mayor and Police Chief Reports: (See attached News Release and Report)

  • Chief Stauffer distributed his report to Council to review.
  • Mayor Phillips announced he will be running for re-election on the May Primary Ballot.



  • Mr. Geoffrey Graybill, Chairman of the 250th Committee gave a presentation of the street light capital improvement project for Market Square. This was made possible through the 250th Committee fundraising efforts that were ongoing during the 250th Celebration in 2012.  There is a tentative dedication ceremony being planned for the street light project and the time capsule on Red Rose Sunday, June 6th.  It would be held on Market Square.  Mr. Dave Christian was also present to answer questions concerning the scheme plan distributed for review.  Manheim Borough has committed to upgrading the infrastructure for the electrical wiring for the new street light lamp posts.  The 250th Committee was looking for a tentative schedule for what would be completed on this project by the projected ceremony so they could plan their events for the dedication.  Discussion was held concerning the placement of crosswalks, future fundraising efforts and the Shade Tree Commission involvement with future planting of trees.  There are currently 17 street lights on the square, with an additional 19 proposed street lights on the plan.  It was noted that the mid-block crosswalk on Market Square was already approved by PennDOT.  It was suggested a stakeholder meeting with the people involved in and affected by this project should be scheduled possibly sometime in April.
  • Mr. Gabriel presented an update on the current hiring status by Hammerguard Aquatics, LLC for staffing the pool this summer and the repairs that are being scheduled this spring for the pool before opening day on May 25th.  The ADA required improvements are being scheduled and completed.  The possibility of allowing grandparents and parents who would not be swimming but only watching children to enter the pool without paying was presented for consideration.  They will check with the management company to see if they have dealt with this situation in the past.  The uniforms for the pool staff are currently being ordered.


Old Business:

  • The VFW Ballfields Lease Agreement and the MAA Ballfields Lease Agreement were presented for approval.  Mr. Gabriel gave a brief overview of the agreements and answered questions.
    • A Motion was moved Mr. Eshelman to approve the VFW Ballfields Lease Agreement and the MAA Ballfields Lease Agreement for 2013.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Simon and passed unanimously.
  • The Logan Park Stream Restoration Project Pre-application Meeting is scheduled for February 28, 2013 at 1:00 PM at the site with the permitting agencies of DEP, the Corp of Engineers and County Conservation District.  The Borough has been invited to participate.
  • Mr. Gabriel presented quotes from Abel Construction, Lycoming Supply and B R Kreider for repair of Shearer’s Covered Bridge for discussion and approval.  Mr. Gabriel explained the scope of work.  The work will be performed in the summer to avoid interference with the school year.  The School District and Farm Show will be contacted to discuss cost sharing for this project.  An estimate will be requested from the Engineer for any of their cost that would be related to the project.
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Fenicle to approve the quote from B R Kreider in the amount of $7,934 for repair of the Shearer’s Covered Bridge.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Simon and passed unanimously.


Committee Reports:

  • The Public Works Committee met before the council meeting to discuss Street Projects Curb, Sidewalk and Driveway Aprons Treatment and the handling of these items with the street paving projects.  Discussion was held by the committee concerning written standards for these items in the current projects for 2013 as well as all future street projects since there are all different criteria involved.  Mr. Gabriel explained what will be involved in the CDBG project for 2013 for the Fulton Street area.  Construction for the CDBG project will hopefully be scheduled in July.  Future work on Mill Street was also looked at the during street inspection tour for consideration in 2014 for stormwater, mill and overlay work as well as possible work on South Hazel Street.  Discussion was held on which items from these future projects would be applied for on a CDBG application for 2014 and what projects could be funded by liquid fuels money.  Mr. Gabriel will discuss the cost estimates for these projects with the borough engineer.
  • Shade Tree Commission was discussed and any possible changes for the commission that may be reflected in the new borough code will be researched.


  • A report on the current status of the 45 Market Square Property was requested.  A meeting was held last week with the Architect to review what will soon be the final plan to be presented to council for approval.  Modifications were made to the plans as the option of having all the borough offices on the second floor is being considered.  The use of a small elevator (LULA) is being considered for those handicapped resident needing to get to the second floor.  The final plans will be presented for review by council at one of the council meetings in March.  The future of the current borough building was discussed and options for its use are being reviewed.
  • The advertising of council committee meeting dates was questioned.  A calendar for regularly scheduled committee meetings is currently being organized, but none have been scheduled as of yet.  The Finance Committee will start meeting sometime at the end of the second quarter and they will be listed on the website.


Council Reports:

  • Scheduling for the Partners Meeting is still being organized.
  • Purchasing the Christmas Lights from the American Legion for the Square was discussed.  Recognizing the American Legion for their contributions to the community was discussed as well as other organizations that donate to the beautification of the borough.


Executive Session:

  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to adjourn to Executive Session for the discussion of personnel matters at 9:17 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Enterline and passed unanimously.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to adjourn from Executive Session at 10:05 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Fenicle and passed unanimously.


  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to contract out rental unit inspections as long as the Borough’s costs are covered.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Fenicle and passed unanimously.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to advertise the Codes Enforcement Officer position pending confirmation of contracted rental unit inspections.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Fenicle and passed unanimously.



  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Eshelman to adjourn at 10:07 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Simon and passed unanimously.


Respectfully Submitted

Linda Gerhart

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