Borough Council Minutes 03-25-2014


March 25, 2014

Roll Call: President David Fenicle, Vice President Chris Simon, Pro-Tempore Brad Roth, Rebekah Bowers, Bonnie Martin, Bryan Howett and Mayor Scott Funk


Staff:  Mark Stivers, Borough Manager, Linda Gerhart, Recording Secretary and Police Chief Joseph Stauffer


Visitor Comments:

  • Several visitors including local truck drivers, representatives from Fed Ex and local trucking companies were present to discuss the current ban on 102” trailers in the borough.  Mr. Stivers started the discussion by explaining the effect this ban has on the trucking industry currently delivering to the local businesses in the borough. This industry has changed and this size trailer is now the standard for the industry.  It was noted that we do not want to sacrifice the quality of life in the borough by lifting this current ban with no limits, so a compromise with local delivery signage is being recommended.   However, as the borough is working to reach a decision on this matter, it was announced that the ban on Route 772 (East & West High Street) has been lifted by PennDOT.  Mr. Stivers updated the group on the direction the borough is still moving with our Engineer preparing a truck study to help set up restrictions on several of the residential streets.  Other restrictions are also being researched to see what we can put in place to still control the truck traffic in our community.  The reasoning for using double trailers by the trucking industry was explained.


Mr. Jim Shreiner explained his reasoning for the need to lift the truck ban as it affects businesses and the job market in Manheim and the surrounding area.


Ms. Irene Rollman gave her reasoning for believing the local streets would not be greatly affected by the lifting the ban as some of them are already posted for Local Delivery and the trucks involved have no reason to be on local streets.  She suggested that realigning the current Market Square and Main Street intersection would help to move trucks safely through the intersection and keep traffic flowing smoothly.  She explained how the use of the East/West High Street route through the borough to Mount Joy from her client in Lititz is beneficial to her company’s operation.


Mr. Gary Miller suggested that control of speed limits with trucks will help keep the truck traffic under control and he also mentioned that trucks on residential streets should be ticketed because they have no reason to be there.


Ms. Kelly Lauver mentioned that the Pennsylvania Motor Transportation Association and the Manheim Chamber of Commerce is a valuable resource in gathering information on this issue.


Representatives from Fed Ex were present to let the borough know they will serve the businesses in the borough however needed but the use of the current banned trailer will make those deliveries much easier.


The actual amount of volume to the current truck traffic already in the borough was questioned.  There is not a definitive answer to this question, but future transportation models do indicate truck traffic in general will increase, so in order to continue to promote economic growth in the Manheim area the volume will of course increase.


Council members gave their suggestions to keep moving ahead with adjusting the turn radius on Main Street and looking at the location of the Mini-Park.  It was mentioned that we should possibly bring in the people from the trucking industry who have volunteered to help with reaching a solution to the current decision that needs to be made.

  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to agree with the current lifting of the East/West High Street truck ban and to show support to PennDOT for the future lifting of the North/South Main Street truck ban with the understanding council will continue to pursue discussion on sign modifications for residential streets to handle local delivery truck traffic only.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Martin and passed with a vote of 4 to 1.  Mr. Howett was the nay vote.


  • Ms. Doreen Ober of the Manheim Downtown Development Group was present to update council on the activities of the group for the past year and their current direction for the future.  She explained that the group is currently in their exit grant year which will be closed out June 2014.  She distributed her annual report and highlighted the new programs being implemented as well as the current programs being continued for 2014.  She presented statistics on all the volunteer hours that have been used by the Manheim Downtown Development Group since 2009.  Council was thanked for their continued support of the Manheim Downtown Development Group.


  • Mr. Jamie Schlesinger of PFM presented his recommendation for the refinancing of the capital bond.  He distributed his findings and reviewed it with council.  He explained the time table if council approves his recommendation, which would have a settlement date of May 8th.  Mr. Stivers explained the restricted funds list for this capital fund debt service.  The list for capital projects is the listed that was approved with the 2014 budget.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Howett to move ahead with Ephrata National Bank to refinance at 4.625%.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Simon and passed unanimously.


  • Mr. Robert Miller was present to introduce himself to council and answer any questions for his consideration for appointment to the Manheim Borough Authority board.  His resume was distributed to council for their review.


  • Ms. Barbara Basile and Mr. Skip Hetrich representing the Manheim Community Library were present to ask for help in filing a Letter of Intent for a Keystone Grant for the Library.  The future of the Library in Manheim and the reason for helping the library to take the first step in having a state review in applying for this grant was explained.  The Library cannot apply for this grant so they need to have the borough send this letter on their behalf as the applicant.  There is no financial commitment by the borough for this portion of the grant process as this would be for a feasibility study on the Stiegel Elementary building they are looking to acquire.  This building will become available when the School District builds their new elementary school.
  • A Motion was moved by Ms. Martin to sign the Letter of Intent for the library to pursue a Keystone Grant.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed with a vote of 4 to 0.  Mr. Howett abstained since he is an employee of the Manheim Central School District.


  • Ms. Deloris Miller of 154 North Laurel Street was present to publicly document the ongoing stormwater problem at her property, which has been researched in the past by the borough.  There were very icy conditions at the intersection in front of her home this winter due to water runoff.  A Police Officer talked to her about the water and icy condition from ponding at the intersection after an accident a few weeks ago.  She gave a history of the stormwater problem at her property; noting her husband attended a Lancaster County Planning meeting years ago concerning this issue. The problem is currently being reviewed by the Borough Engineer as council had directed the staff to research this problem.  The entire file is being reviewed by a new team of Engineers at Rettew Associates, as there are several issues that need to be addressed for a safe viable solution.  It was noted that this area has always had water problems, with springs and ground water runoff.


Mayor and Police Chief Report:

  • Mayor Funk gave an update on how helpful the informal group of Mayors from the County and Wrightsville that gathers to share information has been to him since he took office.  He gave an update of the current proposed Radar Use House Bill #1272.  Mayor Funk is polling the community to see if there is interest in establishing gardening plots in the borough for residents.


  • Chief Stauffer distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.


  • Chief Stauffer presented Jason Riggle for approval as a Manheim Borough Police Officer.  He has completed all of the civil service requirements comes fully endorsed by the Manheim Borough Civil Service Commission.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to hire Jason Riggle as a Manheim Borough Police Officer.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.

Since the retirement of Sergeant Groff in December 2013, the Police Department has been without a sergeant.  Chief Stauffer is requesting permission to start the promotional process with the Manheim Borough Civil Service Commission to fill this position.

  • A Motion was moved by Ms. Martin to start the promotional process with the Manheim Borough Civil Service Commission to fill the sergeant position in the Police Department.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.

The procedure for inspecting car carriers was questioned and explained.


Borough Manager Report:

  • Mr. Stivers distributed the Borough Council Manual that was prepared by the borough office as a helpful resource guide for Borough Council Members and the Mayor.


  • Council was updated on some changes being made by the recycling program to give residents a choice of recycling containers they can use.


  • The new Website is up and running and is currently being updated continually until all the information is current.  Pictures of the borough were requested so they can be rotated on the site.


  •  A letter from Pleasant View Retirement Community for their Community Days was distributed to council for their information.


Action Items:

  • Resolution 2-2014 – The 2014 Fee Schedule was presented for approval.  The format has been revamped.  Mr. Stivers highlighted the changes and updates made to the Fee Schedule 2014.  He updated council on the changes recommended for the daily rates at the Pool/Parks Committee meeting held before the council meeting.  Daily rates will be $7 for Adults, $6 for Students, $5 for Pre-School and Seniors.  The twilight swim rate after 5:00 PM will be $4.  There will no longer be a non-resident rate.  The wording for the road opening permit will also be revised.
  • A Motion was made by Mr. Howett to approve Resolution 2-2014 – The 2014 Fee Schedule as amended per Mr. Stivers.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.


  • Approval of the March 11, 2014 Minutes:

➢      A Motion was moved by Ms. Martin to approve the Minutes of the March 11, 2014 Borough Council Meeting.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.


  • The Voucher List for March 25, 2014 in the amount of $78,609.17 was presented for approval.

➢      A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to approve the voucher list in the amount of $78,609.17.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.


Committee Reports:

  • Parks/Pool Committee met before the council meeting and recommended the rates approved earlier in the meeting with Resolution 2-2014 Fee Schedule.  Also, discussed were options for the rental rate for an outside company to manage the Snack Bar at the Pool.

The pool survey was reviewed and a few changes were made so it can be included in the newsletter for April.  A public meeting for input from the community on the future of the pool will be scheduled for the summer.  A box will be put at the pool to collect the completed surveys.

The possibility of a dog park was also discussed.

Chief Stauffer answered questions on how police coverage costs are handled for special events in the borough.


  • The Public Works Committee will meet before the next council meeting.   The pot holes are currently being repaired.  Now that the first quarter is over a recap of the expenses for the winter will be reviewed.


Executive Session:

  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to adjourn to Executive Session to discuss Police Contract Education Tuition Reimbursement at 9:33 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.


  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to adjourn from Executive Session at 9:54 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.


  • The discussion on Tuition/Class Approval for the Police Department will be listed on the Agenda for the April 8th Borough Council Meeting.



  • A Motion was moved by Ms. Bowers to adjourn at 9:55 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.



Respectfully Submitted,




Linda Gerhart

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