Borough Council Minutes 05-13-2014


May 13, 2014

Roll Call:  Vice President Chris Simon, Pro-Tempore Brad Roth, Rebekah Bowers, Bryan Howett and Mayor Scott Funk


Staff:  Mark Stivers, Borough Manager, Linda Gerhart, Recording Secretary and Police Chief Joseph Stauffer


Visitor Comments:

  • Mr. Dwight Miller of the Manheim Project was present to thank council for their support last summer and to request permission to hold this very successful outreach program again this summer.  There will be more churches involved this year, but they will each be responsible for their own team of volunteers.  His church will be volunteering the week of July 27th and would like to once again camp at the Manheim Farm Show Building.  They have already received permission from the Farm Show to use their buildings.  The other churches will be volunteering the week of July 21st.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to allow the Manheim Project Group to again camp at the Farm Show Building the week of July 27th while they are volunteering in the Borough.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.


  • Fire Chief Dan Reif presented his April 2014 Fire Company Report.  The new tanker that the department had purchased has been put into service.  He also wanted to address some of council concerns that he had read about in the newspaper dealing with contributions made by the borough to non-profit organizations.  He reported on fuel cost breakdown by the department, reviewed budget amounts and explained how they are constantly working to conserve cost wherever possible.  He highlighted the activities the Fire Company volunteers within the borough throughout the year, such as the Christmas Lights installation and the cost to the Fire Company for maintaining the public notice sign at the Fire Company building.  He encouraged council to call him anytime they may have a question or concern with the Fire Company finances.


  • Mr. Dick Eyman was present to check the status and possible review of the Noise Ordinance he had questioned at a previous council meeting.  The ordinance is currently under review along with several other ordinance issues that need to be addressed.


Mayor and Police Chief Report:

  • Mayor Scot Funk discussed the possibility of reviewing the parking concept drawing that had been originally researched when the building behind the borough building was being considered for the new Police Station.  Mr. Swayne whose property is one that would be involved with this parking project had questioned the possibility of still considering this concept plan.


  • Chief Stauffer distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.


  • Chief Stauffer updated them on the Rapho Police Contract, status of the promotion process for Sergeant with testing in July and the new cruisers.  They were also updated on the continued effort for bikes and skateboard law enforcement.  The security for the 5 K Race has been scheduled and the Uniform Contract for 2014 has been complete with everyone in compliance.  Officer Colwell has been released from his Field Training a week early with an excellent rating.


Borough Manager Report:

  • Mr. Stivers distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.


  • Council was updated on the loan closing with Ephrata National Bank and the process that will be used for accessing the money.


  • The Auction date for 45 Market Square has been set for August 28th at 1:00 PM; several open house showings are being scheduled.   CTC is currently painting and repairing the walls at the property.


  • Council was updated on the current status of the Police Station as preparation of the final plans continue.


  • Everything will be ready for the opening of the pool on May 24th.  The borough office has been receiving surveys from residents concerning their opinions on the future of the pool.


Action Items:

  • The Final Rapho Police Contract was presented for approval.  The exit clause changes were reviewed by the solicitor and recommended for approval.  The adjustment of the structure of the department for this contract was discussed.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Howett to approve the Final Rapho Police Contract.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.


  • The Borough Council Meeting Minutes for April 29, 2014 were presented for approval.

➢      A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the Minutes of the April 29, 2014 Borough Council Meeting.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.


  • The Voucher Lists for May 13, 2014 in the amount of $114,504.81 were presented for approval.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the voucher lists in the amount of $114,504.81.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.


Committee Reports:

  • The Public Works Committee met before the council meeting.  It was reported that the trenching for the lights on the square installation was not necessary for installing the new conduit.  This will help to reduce the actual cost of the project significantly.  The ovals for the light poles will be picked up by the 250th Committee so they can have the contributor names engraved on them and installed.


  • The borough staff will meet with Rettew Associates within the next week to start the West Stiegel Street Project.  Work is currently being done on the cost estimates for the inlets at the intersection of Laurel Street and Adele Avenue.


  • The committee will be starting to review Snow Emergency Routes and the Plowing Procedures for the Borough.



  • Mr. Stivers gave an update on the current status of the Parks and Pool for the coming season.  The Playground in Memorial Park needs to be refurbished and it was suggested as a possible project for the Manheim Project this summer.



  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to adjourn at 7:36 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.



Respectfully Submitted,




Linda Gerhart

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