Borough Council Minutes 06-11-2013


June 11, 2013


Roll Call: President Bonnie Martin, Vice President Chris Simon, Pro-Tempore Philip Enterline, David Fenicle and Rebekah Bowers


Staff:  Mark Stivers, Borough Manager, Linda Gerhart, Recording Secretary and Police Chief Joseph Stauffer


Visitor Comments:

  • Officer Phillip Groff representing the Manheim Borough Police Officer Association was present to make a public statement as to the Association’s preference for the acquisition of a new building for the Police Department.  They consider the building that they are currently using to be a detriment to the community as well as both unsafe and dangerous.  The Association is making this statement due to the fact that there seems to be a reversal on the current plans for the new police station and that the 45 Market Square building renovation project has been abandoned.  The Association feels the current building being considered is adequate for their needs would like council to consider moving forward with the current plan.  Mr. Stivers gave an update on the current direction and thinking of the Public Works Committee and emphasized the priority on getting this project completed to have a great facility for the Borough and the Police Department.
  • Mr. Scot Funk questioned the time constraints for the Police Station project.  Mr. Fenicle addressed the questions raised on what time frame would be involved to continue with this project at a different location and questions raised concerning the new Public Works Facility that was completed in 2010.


Mayor and Police Chief Reports: (See attached News Release and Report)

  • President Martin announced the immediate resignation of Mayor Eric Phillips effective June 11, 2013 and his letter was distributed to Council.   The proclamation for Flag Day will be read by Mr. Stivers at the ceremony being held Friday, June 14th at 6:30 PM on Market Square.
  • Chief Stauffer distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.
  • Council was updated on the statistics for the Borough, the success of the well planned Rock & Glow race held by the Manheim Downtown Development Group, The VFW Parade on Memorial Day, the increase of curfew violators, Phase I of the Lancaster County Emergency Radio System and Feral Cat Colonies.
  • Chief Stauffer made a brief statement concerning the new Police Station reiterating the priority this project has with Mr. Stivers and the Borough and the fact that there are two additional locations being considered.
  • The increase and handling of skateboarders on the streets as well as the emergency calls for the elevator were questioned and explained by the Police Chief.


Borough Manager Report:                                               

  • Mr. Stivers distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.
  • Mr. Stivers introduced and welcomed Candie Johnson, the new Codes Enforcement Officer.
  • An offer of overstocked new equipment from Capital Equipment was presented for consideration.  Mr. Stivers explained the background of the items offered at a discounted price of $6,240. The items include a Gas Powered Compressor, Diesel and Gas Powered Generators, Gas Powered Pressure Washer, Contractors Series Pump and Wheel Kits.
  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to approve the purchase of the new equipment offered by Capital Equipment for $6,240.00.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.
  • A check was presented to the borough for the lamp post project on Market Square by the 250th Committee in the amount of $33,345.00.  The need to replace the old wiring in the square was explained.  The possible sale of the old lamp posts was questioned.  It was suggested that additional lamp posts be purchased so if there is damage to any of them, there would be a replacement.
  • Blue Ridge Cable has asked the Borough to participate in a taping of their “Your Local Government” Show.
  • Ms. Amy Wagner will be at the next council meeting to report on the program currently in place to deal with Feral Cats.
  • The possibility of renting the Community Room in the Borough Building was presented for consideration.
  • It was noted that the Borough’s Commissions will be meeting on a more regular basis.


Action Items:

  • Approval of the May 28, 2013 Minutes:
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Enterline to approve the Minutes of the May 28, 2013 Borough Council Workshop.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.
  • Approval of the Voucher List for May 28, 2013.
    • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to approve the voucher list in the amount of $141,689.50 minus the tolls for $50.40 from the K-9 Training and the K-9 Voucher List in the amount of $7,435.45.  The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.  Mr. Fenicle abstained.


Committee Reports:

  • There were no Committee Reports.


New Business:

  • The procedure for replacing the Mayor will be verified for the next council meeting.
  • Mr. Brad Roth questioned the possibility of naming a replacement for the vacant council seat at this council meeting tonight.  It was decided that since it was stated at the previous meeting that a replacement would be announced within 30 days that the replacement would be named at the next council meeting.
  • It was noted that the pot holes are increasing on Hart Alley.
  • Statistics for the current year at the pool will be presented at the next council meeting.


Executive Session:

  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to adjourn to Executive Session for the discussion of police contract negotiations and a personnel matter at 7:55 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Enterline and passed unanimously.


  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to adjourn from Executive Session at 8:37 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Enterline and passed unanimously.


  • President Martin called the regular meeting back to order at 8:40 PM.


  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to approve the Borough Manager to have the authority to decide how the municipal attorney will be utilized during the police contract negotiations.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Fenicle and passed unanimously,



  • A Motion was moved by Mr. Simon to adjourn at 8:50 PM.  The Motion was seconded by Mr. Fenicle and passed unanimously.



Respectfully Submitted,


Linda Gerhart

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