Borough Council Minutes 06-24-2014

June 24, 2014

Roll Call: President Dave Fenicle, Pro-Tempore Brad Roth, Rebekah Bowers, Bryan Howett and Mayor Scot Funk

Staff: Mark Stivers, Borough Manager, Linda Gerhart, Recording Secretary and Police Chief Joseph Stauffer

Visitor Comments:
• Ms. Doreen Ober from the Manheim Downtown Development Group was present to update council on their events and activities. She gave a brief overview of the Realtor Connect, the ribbon cuttings for business openings and the Rock-N-Glow 5 K Race.

Future activities will include a Community Test Drive Fundraiser being held by Hondru to benefit the MDDG & Food Bank, as well as the annual Car Show in October and Christmas in Manheim weekend in December. A new education event called Groundworks aimed at providing helpful information to our residents was explained. The next one will be held in September. The April Community Clean-up was a great success with many donated volunteer hours from many local volunteer groups.

Grant money was received for a Cigarette Litter Waste Program. Update was given on the current status of the Facade Program and the ongoing Planter Program, which continues to enhance the borough.

The DCED Contract will be finished June 30th and the paperwork is being completed this week. The Audit for the program is scheduled for August 18th which will cover years 4 and 5 and the exit grant.

Mr. Len Bodnar was named Volunteer of the Year at the PDC Conference that Ms. Ober attended and the Manheim Girl Scout Troop was awarded the Chairman’s Award for Youth Involvement. The program was also awarded national accreditation for the Downtown Development Group Program.

• Mr. Eric Phillips also read a prepared statement in support of the Manheim Downtown Development Group.

State Representative Mindy Fee updated council on the current House Bill 700 being proposed to extend the Manager Program of the Main Street Programs in the state.

President Fenicle explained the Economic Revitalization Committee.

Mayor and Police Chief Report:
• Mayor Funk gave his report to council. He updated council on the July 23rd Softball Game fundraiser for the K-9 Fund between the Police Department and the Manheim Central Football Team starting at 6:30 PM at the Pool Field followed by a discounted swim at the pool.

• The Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance Expo was well attended and informative.

• Chief Stauffer distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.

• Council was updated on May statistics, increased vehicle thefts and ongoing donations to the K9 Program proactively being continually sought by the mayor.

• Updates were also given for the Speed Details, DUI Enforcement and the status of the Police Building project.

Borough Manager Report:
• Mr. Stivers distributed his report and reviewed it with Council.

• Council was updated on the status of the Police Facility Project as a timeline for the project is being established. The plans will be reviewed by the Public Works Committee at their meeting before the next council meeting.

• Council was updated on the status of the NFWF Grant, which the borough unfortunately did not receive. Mr. Stivers is currently researching other funding options.

• Council was given financial and operational updates for the pool to date. It was noted that startup cost are always higher at the beginning of the season and the camps have not yet started which add to the daily revenue figures.

• Letters have been sent to all utilities and residents to give them advance notice of the summer CDBG road restoration project on West Stiegel Street. Council was also updated on the improvements being planned for the intersection of New Charlotte Street, South Charlotte Street and West Stiegel Street.

• Updates were given on the August 28th Auction of the 45 Market Square property, which has open houses scheduled for August 9th, 16th and 23rd.

• Street cleaning has been scheduled for July 8th to July 11th.

• Council was reminded of upcoming events and meetings.

• Discussion was held concerning the relocation of the Monument on North Hazel Street at the school district office that needs to be moved before construction of the new elementary school.

• The future of the current ambulance building was questioned. Mr. Stivers explained the current process that needs to be implemented so the borough can consider their options for the future of the buildings that will be vacated after the new Police Station and Ambulance Facility are complete. The borough property committee will be reviewing all these facilities for future uses. Once a solid time line for construction is established these discussions will be started, especially since the library is part of the borough building and is part of the future relocation as well.

• The Parking Plan being researched for the area behind the borough building was discussed, as it would definitely be an asset for the borough building.

• Discussion was held concerning the organizing of the Economic Revitalization Committee being proposed by Council. President Fenicle gave a brief explanation of the theory behind the formation of the committee. The possibility of working with the Downtown Development Group ER Committee was suggested and discussed.

Action Items:
• The Fire Police request for help from other municipalities with the Farm Show Baby Parade and Farm Show Parade was presented for approval.
 A Motion was moved by Mr. Howett to approve the Fire Police request for help from other municipalities with the Farm Show Baby Parade and Farm Show Parade. The Motion was seconded by Mr. Roth and passed unanimously.

• The Borough Council Meeting Minutes for June 10, 2014 were presented for approval.
➢ A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the Minutes of the June 10, 2014 Borough Council Meeting. The Motion was seconded by Ms. Bowers and passed unanimously.

• The Voucher List for June 24, 2014 in the amount of $ 113,731.87 was presented for approval. The invoice from Garden Spot Electric was questioned and explained.
 A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to approve the voucher list in the amount of $113,731.87. The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.

Committee Reports:
• The Parks/Pool Committee met at 6:00 PM before the council meeting tonight. The pool is open and the community is being urged to complete the pool survey. The feedback from the community so far this year concerning the pool management is very positive. There will be a public meeting scheduled to discuss the future of the pool at the end of the season.

Discussions are currently ongoing with the owner of the property at the end of North Hazel Street being considered for baseball fields. The committee is taking a park tour to assess the future needs and improvements for our park system.

• The Personnel Committee will be meeting in the near future to review the Codes Enforcement Officer applications.

Old Business:
• The Manheim Borough Authority repaired the large area on Lake View Drive.

Council Reports:
• The County Commissioner meeting went well and they seem pleased with the direction the borough is heading.

• The possibility of scheduling a meeting outside during the summer at one of the pavilions was discussed. A meeting will be scheduled for later this summer at Mummau Park.

• Mayor Funk thanked all the visitors for attending.

• A Motion was moved by Mr. Roth to adjourn at 8:18 PM. The Motion was seconded by Mr. Howett and passed unanimously.
Respectfully Submitted,


Linda Gerhart

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