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Regarding the presentation that Landis Communities made at the May 26th Borough Council meeting for the property at the end of North Hazel Street (also see link below to website specifically created for this potental project):

The presentation was a preliminary introduction to Borough Council of what they are considering, to let council know that they may be submitting a request to change the zoning for this property. If they choose to proceed and petition council to consider rezoning the property, there will be several formal steps that must occur: Borough Planning Commission must review the proposal at one of their public meetings, Lancaster County Planning Commission must review the proposal as well, notices will be published in the newspaper, and we will post information on our website, for public hearing(s) that will be required, adjacent property owners will get notifications, and then council will need to advertise a zoning ordinance amendment, which will then be acted upon at a borough council meeting. Should the rezoning be approved, the applicant will then need to go through the formal land development process, which includes compliance with the Borough’s subdivision and land development ordinance, zoning ordinance, stormwater management ordinance, and other applicable ordinances and regulations. Also, regarding the the restrictions on the property due its former use as a quarry/dump: the property was under DEP orders, and in 2016 DEP issued a letter allowing certain uses to be permitted on the property, including residential, with a number of continuing stipulations and restrictions. I am hopeful that this helps to clarify what happened at the meeting (and what did not happen), and to assure the residents, especially those who live in the immediate vicinity of this property, that this discussion was just a preliminary introduction, no decisions have been made, and that there will be several opportunities for public input should Landis Communities decide to proceed with this process. If anyone has any specific questions about the process, please do not hesitate to contact me (Jim Fisher, Borough Manager).

Link to Landis Communities Website for this potential project.

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